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Digitaladsexpress is a Montreal-based online marketing technology firm that specializes in affiliate marketing.

Exclusive Offers

Digitaladsexpress houses thousands of exclusive offers that you won’t find anywhere else. We also hand pick popular, converting offers from across the industry.

International Traffic

At Digitaladsexpress we deliver millions of quality traffic and leads from every corner of the globe, to our respective partners worldwide.

Customer Service

Our network has gained the industry trust from our dedicated customer service that treats each of our affiliates and advertisers as the most important.

Digitaladsexpres is an international performance network focused on connecting top affiliates with the advertisers who pay maximum for their traffic.

Our focus is to provide a measurable result for our Advertisers while maintaining a premium return for Publishers. Through detailed analytics and intelligent optimization, Advertisers are matched with specific traffic streams that yield the best result. What converts for one advertiser, may not convert for another, but thats for the data to decide.


The Digitaladsexpress provides you with the opportunity to promote your offer to a potentially vast audience of potential customers and only pay for the traffic, leads, or sales that you receive.
Digitaladsexpress works diligently to bring our advertisers the highest ROI on their marketing campaigns. Digitaladsexpress’s network of highly vetted affiliates enable us to grow your internet marketing efforts on a CPL, CPC, CPS, CPI, or Cost Per Call basis.

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Digitaladsexpress is such one network is built by some affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. Undoubtedly it’s an ideal network for a plain and advanced affiliate.
We care about your nerves and keeping your campaigns steady and smooth.
We work with publishers from all over the world, with any amount of experience, and in every vertical.

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